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Did you know?
Passive House homes qualify for $1500 rebate from the Efficiency NS Performance Plus Program.

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We are dedicated to working with owners, designers and builders to create buildings to the Passive House standard. We provide services ranging from full design-build to energy consulting based on the project location and needs.

Home Design
We offer architectural design services to develop your plan, integrating your needs and interests with Passive House design principles. If you already have a plan, we will work with this to incorporate Passive House, while maintaining the elements of the plan that express your needs.

Energy Modelling/ Energy Consulting
We often work collaboratively with other designers and builders to provide our energy consulting services.
We complete detailed energy calculations for the building based on your plans. Using the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) software the energy consumption of your building is modelled. The calculations include:

  • treated floor area, exterior building envelope surfaces
  • U-values of building components
  • effects of orientation and shading
  • ventilation heat requirements
  • domestic hot water demand including plumbing losses
  • household electricity demand

Based on the calculated results, we will recommend construction detailing and building materials to achieve the Passive House Energy Standard.

Construction Support
We offer construction support as very few builders in Nova Scotia have experience building houses to the strict requirements of Passive House.
We provide detailed drawings, onsite training for trades during key times and answer questions in order to ensure the house is completed to the Passive House standard.

Project Management
Full design/build services are available within HRM. Our trades are trained in Passive House construction, and we offer high quality construction at competitive rates for a small number of houses each year.

Passive House Certification
We produce the necessary documentation and coordinate building testing to facilitate certification by the Passive House Institute US (PHIUS).

We work with a specialized network of colleagues as needed, including:

  • structural engineers
  • mechanical engineers
  • sustainable landscape architects
  • interior designers

Modelling ultra low energy homes for certification
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