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Did you know?
Our Hawkins House is the first Certified Passive House in Canada and Valley Waste Management is the first certified commercial building.

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Our Projects

Olive Urban Retreat
West Bedford, NS

Our first project on a serviced suburban lot
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Turner Lakefront
Hubley, NS

Targeting PH and LEED Platinum Certification
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Murray Bungalow
Hubley, NS

Designed for aging in place, one storey living
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Ocean Lodge
Northwest Cove, NS

Ocean views to the east and solar gains to the south
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Bungalow "on a Budget"
East River, NS

Our plumber built this Passive House on a tight budget
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Forest Glenn House
Hammonds Plains, NS

Demonstrating the affordability of a custom Passive House
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Hawkins House
Halifax, NS

First Certified Passive House
in Nova Scotia
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Go Logic McCarville
Fall River, NS

Great design & building collaboration with owners
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Valley Waste Management Offices
Kentville, NS

First Commercial Passive
House in Nova Scotia
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Campbell Cottage
East Bay Cape Breton, NS

Family cottage on the Bras D'or Lakes
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Solterre Concept Cottage
Lunenburg, NS

Off grid with a focus on reuse materials
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Coming soon...

Osmond Net Zero
MacLean Farmhouse

Modelling ultra low energy homes for certification
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