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Did you know?
Passive House is so energy efficient it doesn't require a conventional heating system. The house mainly heats and cools itself, therefore the name "passive".

Contact Us:

Natalie Leonard, P.Eng.

Certified Passive House Consultant

As one of the first Certified Passive House Consultants in Canada, Natalie is dedicated to promoting the Passive House Concept and creating cost effective, beautiful, super efficient home for the future.

She brings her engineering background, hands on design and construction experience, a practical and efficient approach to building and a commitment to reduce the energy footprint to her projects. She works with you to improve efficiencies while preserving the architecture of your project.

Engineering and Construction Experience

Natalie is a Civil Engineer by education and began her experience in construction at an early age. Natalie returned to the family business after completing university and worked in the field as a project manager. After spending 6 months traveling in Asia, she joined a large condominium developer in Toronto, Canada as the project manager of a 815 unit building.

Passion for Preserving the Environment using Practical Construction Solutions

Natalie’s passions for the natural environment and world travel have greatly influenced her perspective on residential construction and the footprint our buildings have on the planet. For the past 8 years, she has been focused on learning green building practices and integrating them into her projects.

Finding the Passive House Concept was a perfect fit. The simplicity and affordability of the Passive House aligns with Natalie’s values of creating practical and efficient homes for the mainstream market.

With 16 passive house residences and one commercial office building completed in Nova Scotia, Natalie is now working on 12 new projects that are in various stages of design and construction.

She serves on the National Passive Building Canada Board and chairs the Project Gallery working committee.

Mike Anderson, MArch, BSc.

A recent graduate from the Dalhousie School of Architecture, Mike is dedicated to furthering the discourse around how humans live within their environment. Beyond aesthetic considerations, he is interested in how building science and energy modeling can be used as a design tool to create spaces that are inspiring as well as ecologically responsible.

By drawing upon previous experiences as a laboratory technician and a builder, Mike is able to move between the many phases of designing and building Passive Houses, from schematic design to carpentry. As a founding member of a local co-operative farm, he is committed to developing the strong social and physical infrastructure that will contribute to Nova Scotia’s future.

Modelling ultra low energy homes for certification
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